Five ways energy audits can benefit a business

With so many responsibilities to balance, it can be difficult for businesses to keep track of where and when they are using the most energy. Energy audits make this process simple.
Sophie Wyatt

Sophie Wyatt

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By collecting your energy data and looking at factors such as lighting, heating and air conditioning, audits can suggest where to reduce your energy usage. By uncovering these insights, businesses could receive social, environmental and financial benefits.

Simply put, saving energy, water and heat means lower utility bills. With the government releasing more carbon legislation, energy reporting is now unavoidable for most – if not all – companies. So getting ahead of the game is in the interests of every business.

Here are some of the ways energy audits can benefit your business in the long run.

Lower consumption

Not only do energy audits save on costs by identifying where energy is being wasted, but they also help businesses to make the move towards a greener future. Without an audit, businesses could be consuming more energy than they need to, wasting money and pushing up their emissions.

Businesses are facing pressure to become greener, as environmentalism takes centre stage in policy making and finance. Saving energy is one of the most practical ways to reduce your environmental footprint, and benefits your business in both the long and short-term.

Reduce energy costs

Once you start reducing wasteful energy consumption, you will begin to reap financial rewards. Energy expenses often go unnoticed due to old appliances, inefficient technology or poor insulation. But becoming energy efficient could be as easy as switching to energy-saving light bulbs, or upgrading your air conditioning.

With smart metering you can look at your consumption, create budgets and set targets. Consider installing a building management system, which will enable you to see and control your energy use in real-time. Being proactive with your energy management can save you time and money later on.

Longer equipment lifespan

Upgrading to energy efficient equipment will mean that your facilities perform better, and equipment will last longer. As it doesn’t need to work as heard to provide the same level of performance.

Keeping equipment up-to-date will streamline your operations, leading to more efficient ways of working. This will enhance the overall productivity of your facilities, which will lead to profitability.

Complying with regulations

Understanding your carbon footprint isn’t just about boosting your green reputation. Energy and carbon reporting schemes such as SECR and ESOS are now mandatory for large companies. To stay compliant with these schemes, and prepare for future legislation, businesses should carry out regular audits.

Mitigating risk

Mitigating risk is a part of every business strategy, no matter the size or scope. It is crucial for future growth, and provides a level of certainty.

An energy audit provides transparency and assurance, helping businesses to take control of their consumption and costs. And because it can boost compliance and brand reputation, it can also help to secure funding for your business.

Climate-related risks are now taken more seriously amongst investors, and this includes the levels of emissions that your business releases into the atmosphere. The greener and more efficient your business, the more likely you will be to receive financial support from these investors.

How can we help?

We know that a better understanding of your carbon footprint leads to a better reputation, in an increasingly competitive market. Energy and carbon reporting schemes such as SECR and ESOS are mandatory for large companies. But most businesses have to comply with some level of reporting – and it pays to get ahead of the curve.

Carrying out regular audits will help you to comply with these schemes, and prepare for future legislation. Staying transparent and being pro-active will help you to get ahead of the curve. You will avoid fines for non-compliance, and attract eco-conscious clients to your business.  

To hear more about how Safe Switch Utilities can help you become more efficient, get in touch today.

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